The Vivey team decided to take a little excursion to the Movement studio to try the workout class using Rexist360 resistance training system with Shay Kostabi recently. We just wanted to share the image that greeted us upon arrival. This is a great studio in NYC and we highly recommend it! What a fun way to get in shape, move, dance and stay positive with great people. Already looking forward to going back!


Living in Vivey: Join the Movement



As a fun way to celebrate the launch of our fall capsule collection, I decided to spice up my workout and share the experience with you all. Vivey is inspired by dancers and how they are effortlessly feminine… they have been doing the #Iwokeuplikethis look before hashtags existed. So in honor of my fellow dancers and ladies who inspire our collections, I invited my friends to join me and change-up their workouts this month with dance-moves instead of doing their usual gym run.
I was thinking along the lines of the new local Barre class, a little AKT action, Body by Simone, maybe some Physique 57… so I was a bit surprised when my friend Jihyun (and one of my models) said she saw a pole dancing studio near FIT, and she really wanted someone (aka-me) to go with her. Now, this wasn’t on the top of my list of dance workouts to try, but I’m not one to back-down from a challenge, so we signed up for their open-house event and recruited a few friends along the way. The studio (for all you nyc’ers) is Body & Pole at 115 W. 27th St, which offers great discounts on introductory packages, allowing you to see what fits best for you.

IMG_7832         IMG_7830          IMG_7826

                            I should mention that I had my doubts about going into a Pole Studio, but this experience completely erased all my stereotypes. The reception as you walk in the door is high energy, friendly and helpful, while the studios: pristine, well designed and spacious. Lets just say you walk in and you feel comfortable from the start. As a group of friends, we took two classes back to back. I guess we thought since these were intro 40-minute classes, it wouldn’t be too challenging. Ummmm, yea, we were wrong. Our shaky muscles and dripping sweat quickly humbled our level of fitness (we took conditioning for aerial and then vertical barre). If you think that conditioning for aerial is your typical localized workout, please be warned. You will stretch, squat, jump be pushed and you WILL sweat. This class alone is enough to give you the well-balanced workout you seek to spice up your routine. By the end of conditioning we were weary of what we’d gotten ourselves into, but went straight upstairs for the Vertical Ballet Barre class. This class uses the infamous “Pole” but more as a prop for balance as you go through a series of ballet style exercises. You’ll be on your toes and achieving your dancers dream calves in no time. Needless to say, my thighs were trembling throughout most of this class… so be ready for a serious workout.

Some thoughts from my brave girls who joined?
Caroline says that after finishing our graduate degree at FIT, this is the place she will hit to revive her interest and excitement for working out. “It was a full body workout for sure. I was definitely surprised to be feeling sore for several days afterwards…” and Jihyun left the class beaming with a smile and a “that was great!”  Though as we were leaving the studio, she looks at me with her sweet innocent eyes and says, “but Celi, we didn’t actually do a pole class yet…” I brace myself, “what are you saying Jihyun, do we have to come back?” She knows me sooo well and says, “well, conditioning we can do anywhere… but… pole… well that’s unique.”
Ugh! I hate when my friends know how to hook me in.
So yes, we bought an intro to pole pass, meaning: this particular story will have to be continued…


  the girls with vertical ballet barre teacher Allison. Celi (far left) is wearing the Vivey volume tank and Jihyun (on the right) is the volume tank in white.


Living in Vivey

Fitness, Stay Healthy

A 5 Minute Workout for your Weekend Festivities

We all know you’re going to be eating all kinds of great summer party foods this weekend…if you haven’t already. Even though we’ve been detoxing and clearing out the old energies all last month with healthy foods and new habits, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy a little patriotic celebrating among friends.

Just make sure to balance it out with some quick but intense workouts to enjoy the festivities guilt free.  If you feel like you don’t even have time for a trip to the gym or your usual spin class, here’s a no excuse 5 minute plan:

  • 1 minute of alternating walking lunges (add 10lb weights for a challenge)
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds push-ups
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds squats
  • 1 minute alternating lunges
  • 30 seconds tricep dips
  • 30 seconds plank

Do all these exercises without rest between them and then let me know if 5 minutes isn’t enough to get a workout in! Then go enjoy all your 4th of July weekend favorites!

Body-Con, Stay Healthy

Slow Doooowwn…

Now that's a happy face!

Now that’s a happy face!

Maybe it’s the summer heat that creeps up on you and slows you down, maybe it’s our detox theme that has made us look at some of our eating and lifestyle habits… but there’s something to the art of slowing down when possible. I know we are all on the go and in a rush to get our work done and to have a resemblance of a social life, but recently on a work trip I found an easy way to slow down and it paid off.

I was recently in Italy for the first time in my life and I decided that I would allow myself to sit and enjoy the food. All diets and guilt trips out the window. A trip passing through Florence by myself doesn’t happen everyday and I felt I had to really take advantage and enjoy. The irony is, I thought that I would return home having gained at least 5 pounds. I mean I really let myself go at it, baked goods for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner…I didn’t hold back. And since I usually try to be gluten-free, you can understand my surprise when I got on the scale and the numbers were the same. I didn’t even do all that much walking or exercising while I was there, so what was the big difference.

Upon reflection, I realized that the big difference was that I allowed myself the ‘luxury’ of sitting down and taking my time to enjoy each meal. I savored every bite and enjoyed each sinful platter, knowing this was a special treat. Often I didn’t even finish a full plate of pasta because the sitting and taking my time with it made me realize I was full before the plate was empty.

Hello Carbonara!

Hello Carbonara!

Ok, so I’m not saying go out and eat pizza and be merry, but there’s something to be said for taking your time when you eat, allowing yourself to savor and maybe surprising yourself when you realize you don’t have to finish the whole plate in order to be satisfied.  Of course I got back to my hectic NY life and immediately wanted to stress eat through every pizza corner place I passed.  The point is, I realized that I can have those highly desired foods if I take the time to sit, breathe and truly allow myself to enjoy every single bite until I feel full.  Thinking of being on a sidewalk café on the streets of Florence also helps create the mood. 😉

Events, Happening This Week

Happening | June 30th – July 6th

Limon Modern Dance Class @ Bryant Park

Limon Modern Dance Class @ Bryant Park

Monday, June 30th

  • FREE Bryant Park FitClub: Pilates 7:30am – 8:30am

Join Pilates on Fifth for an outdoor mat pilates class open to all skill and age levels!

  • FREE HBO Summer Film Festival @ Bryant Park…Bring your picnic by 5pm / Movie starts at sundown!

A Soldier’s Story will be playing at sundown…

  • FREE Outdoor Strength fitness class hosted by Brooklyn Strength @ Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Promenade 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday, July 1st

  • FREE Yoga @ Bryant Park 10am – 11am

Join YogaWorks instructor Anna Hughes-Dioguardi for a blend of spirit, calmness, sweat and music for a satisfying practice. Mats provided!

  • FREE Opera @ Crotona Park Bronx 7pm

Mary-Jane Lee, soprano
Ginger Costa-Jackson, mezzo-soprano
Yunpeng Wang, baritone
Dan Saunders, pianist

Wednesday, July 2nd

  • FREE Bryant Park FitClub: Boot Camp 6:30am – 7am

Join The Rise NYC for a Boot Camp with rotations through exercises like crunches, planks, and push-ups. No equipment required, just smiles!

  • FREE Sunset Pilates hosted by Body In Balance Studio @ Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5. Get your core to this intermediate class with your mat right before sunset!

Thursday, July 3rd

  • FREE Yoga @ Bryant Park 6pm – 7pm
  • FREE Yoga @ Prospect Park / Grand Army Plaza Entrance 7pm – 8pm
  • FREE Opera @ Clove Lakes Park Staten Island 7pm

Mary-Jane Lee, soprano
Ginger Costa-Jackson, mezzo-soprano
Yunpeng Wang, baritone
Dan Saunders, pianist

Friday, July 4th

  • FREE Booking Dance Festival Edinburgh @ Bryant Park 2pm – 4pm

A showcase prior to the dance festival at The Fringe in Edinburgh featuring eight dynamic dance companies from across the US, plus a special guest company from Martinique.

Saturday, July 5th

  • FREE Modern Dance Class @ Bryant Park 10am – 11am

Led by dancers from the world-renowned Limon Dance Company – open to all levels!

Sunday, July 6th

  • FREE Zumba @ Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Zumba with the Dodge YMCA fuses Latin and world music with aerobic interval training to sculpt the body and invigorate the soul! Fitness instructor Alma Bonilla’s classes are so much fun you’ll forget that you’re burning calories.