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Rosebud Salve(ation)!

Can you tell by the tin that my Rosebud Salve has been around for a while?! Yep, this American classic goes with me everywhere and I put it on just about everywhere! Although the ‘honest, genuine, trustworthy’ words on the packaging should be enough, I’ll trust any successful company that hasn’t changed it’s recipe since 1892!

I would say my rosebud salve is one of those miracle products that I will always have around no matter what new products I’m craving to try. It may be it’s silky texture or rosy scent…the truth is, with so many uses and benefits what’s not to like?!

1. Soothing dry, chapped or cracked lips: Keep your lips soft, smooth and well conditioned. Also, I may have a ‘small lip’ hang-up, but no lies, when I put my salve on I feel like my lips instantly plump up!

2. What’s less sexy than dry elbows or cracked heels?! Apply your salve just as you would any other cream and notice the difference!

3. I look a mess this week with burns all over the place from cooking! Rosebud salve is perfect to soothe and promote healing…try it on insect stings this summer too!

4. And my latest little discovery…add it to your nail care routine. Put some salve on your cuticles (fingers and toes) the results are insane!

If you haven’t already, give this little guy a try! At $5.50 a tin it’s totally worth it! And if it’s part of your daily routine already share some of your uses with us!