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Slow Doooowwn…

Now that's a happy face!

Now that’s a happy face!

Maybe it’s the summer heat that creeps up on you and slows you down, maybe it’s our detox theme that has made us look at some of our eating and lifestyle habits… but there’s something to the art of slowing down when possible. I know we are all on the go and in a rush to get our work done and to have a resemblance of a social life, but recently on a work trip I found an easy way to slow down and it paid off.

I was recently in Italy for the first time in my life and I decided that I would allow myself to sit and enjoy the food. All diets and guilt trips out the window. A trip passing through Florence by myself doesn’t happen everyday and I felt I had to really take advantage and enjoy. The irony is, I thought that I would return home having gained at least 5 pounds. I mean I really let myself go at it, baked goods for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner…I didn’t hold back. And since I usually try to be gluten-free, you can understand my surprise when I got on the scale and the numbers were the same. I didn’t even do all that much walking or exercising while I was there, so what was the big difference.

Upon reflection, I realized that the big difference was that I allowed myself the ‘luxury’ of sitting down and taking my time to enjoy each meal. I savored every bite and enjoyed each sinful platter, knowing this was a special treat. Often I didn’t even finish a full plate of pasta because the sitting and taking my time with it made me realize I was full before the plate was empty.

Hello Carbonara!

Hello Carbonara!

Ok, so I’m not saying go out and eat pizza and be merry, but there’s something to be said for taking your time when you eat, allowing yourself to savor and maybe surprising yourself when you realize you don’t have to finish the whole plate in order to be satisfied.  Of course I got back to my hectic NY life and immediately wanted to stress eat through every pizza corner place I passed.  The point is, I realized that I can have those highly desired foods if I take the time to sit, breathe and truly allow myself to enjoy every single bite until I feel full.  Thinking of being on a sidewalk café on the streets of Florence also helps create the mood. 😉


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