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Meditating on Mercury Retrograde

yoga art watercolor print - BREATHE by Lindsay Satchell

yoga art watercolor print – BREATHE by Lindsay Satchell

About three or four times a year an optical illusion occurs where the planet Mercury slows down so much it seems to move backwards. And with it everything in our lives falls along into this reverse pattern. So if suddenly an easy breezy business deal sinks without warning, your sweet relationship turns sour or everything you say seems to come out wrong, you may be feeling these reverse effects. And the best news of all: this will be for the entire month of June.

So as we detox this month and clear out old energies for a summer soft, this is a great opportunity to start your day with meditation and get a clear head before speaking to well, anyone.  I know, meditating is hard and intimidating. So here is an easy way back into it if it’s been a while or if this is your first go. Many years ago a Doug Varone dancer started a class with this easy technique and it has stuck with me. This is what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes (a good starting point)

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Let your first thought appear in your mind. Instead of trying to clear your mind and not think about anything (which is virtually impossible, especially if you’re stressed), allow yourself to observe this thought and spend a few seconds with it. Once you have taken sat with it, you swipe it away with an imaginary windshield wiper and enjoy a few seconds of silence.

Almost immediately the silence will be disrupted by the next thought. The key to this meditation is to not chastise yourself for having another thought appear so quickly, but to again calmly sit with this new thought until you are ready to release it. It is this action of sifting through your thoughts and allowing yourself to sit with them that may lead you to moments of clear and blissful emptiness.

Eventually the 5 minutes feels short and you can work up to longer sittings. The treasure lies in the gap between thoughts… those mere seconds where you might just experience absolutely nothing and everything, all at once.


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