Stay Healthy, Who We're Following

Who We’re Following | June Edition

To create you need creators right?! Here at ViveyLife we’re inspired by a wide variety of them who conceive and share they’re stories just like us! From foodies to designers, dancers to artists we just can’t get enough!

In this new series we will be sharing with you Who We’re Following each month – A look at a specific person from around the world who’s stories and images inspire us to better ourselves and our process. This person’s story will be the ‘theme’ for posts to come throughout the month.

Following this month | Pomegranate Nation | Holistic Foodie

The lovely Sabrina is first generation Iranian-American born and raised in LA! She creates holistic versions of global cuisine with ingredients grown using sustainable methods – how cool is that?!

Being a foodie myself, I drool while looking through her feed…check them out below! You might just catch me this month trying out one of her delicious healthy recipes!



If you like what you see and are drooling for more:


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