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Vivey is a contemporary fashion line bringing women back to their graceful essence while connecting them to their dream of living life as a dancer.

We want to be with you throughout the day by bringing back the softer you as you face every daily challenge. We know you’re busy and you juggle too much…and trying to stay feminine and stylish is usually the last thing on your mind. So we’ve looked to dancers and their easy approach to style that makes them look great no matter how exhausted they may be.

From a morning school drop off, to work, to catching an afternoon barre class or meeting friends – our clothing will be with you and will adapt to your day.  Gone are the days of black leggings and gym outfits as your daily uniform ladies! – Vivey is bringing Grace back into Power.

Here, we will share with you all the elements of the Vivey lifestyle, hopefully making your day a little easier, softer and more pleasant. We’ll highlight the real life ladies and dancers who inspire our designs, share new fitness trends | and their shortcuts | and offer healthy recipes to spice up your daily ritual.

We want our women to ‘Live in Grace’ every day and express the dancer in them!


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there, glad you stumbled upon my little post. First off I have to say that dancing seems quite dangerous, what if the pole brakes and falls on top of somebody´s head? Apart from that, I have no idea about fashion or much of anything really in life, but I do know I like to learn and read new things. And here I found a blog that with a theme I haven´t found yet, I do go more for the writing thing but I follow everything and anything, even pastors! And I´m probably the worst christian out there. Point being, you can always take away to use for my writing or just for the heck of learning something from reading other interesting people and you sure seem to have an interesting blog

    • Hi Charly!!
      Thanks for reading and posting… and stay tuned since we have many new adventures in workout and traveling in our own clothing line coming very soon! Happy Wednesday!

      • Sorry for the delay response, couldn´t get to the internet if you can believe that but unfortunately is true.

        I´ll stay tunned, that´s why I stumbled your blog. another interesting blog!

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